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Course Descriptions

Core Courses

  • Systemic Reform 1
  • Systemic Reform 2
  • Literacy and the Common Core
  • Resource Management
  • Excellence and Equity: The Dynamics of Improving
  • Design, Practice, and Policy in Educational Settings for English Learners
  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research

The Milestone Sequence

The purpose of this sequence of courses is to guide and support students in the development of their dissertation study and to complete milestone projects along the way that provide a scaffold for the dissertation.

  • Milestone 1: Introduction to LEEP
  • Milestone 2: Developing a Theory of Action
  • Milestone 3: Consulting the Professional Knowledge Base
  • Milestone 4: Milestone Development
  • Milestone 5: Exploring Research Design and Methods
  • Milestone 6: Crafting the Study
  • Milestone 7: Preparing for the Oral Examination
  • Milestone 8: Collecting and Analyzing Data

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