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Program of Study

LEEP is a professional program whose mission it is to prepare experienced practitioners to make good decisions at the senior level in districts and like organizations. Decisions at that level can affect large numbers of people and have far-reaching consequences. Our program’s success is measured by the degree to which we help our students make decisions that are informed, reflective and adequate to the situation. Good decision making rests on strong problem solving skills. Solving problems requires the ability to recognize the boundaries of a problem, dig below the mere symptoms, gather information, imagine and design remedies, assess needed resources, and model and evaluate impacts and effects. In the program students have the opportunity to focus their energy on a number of themes that they pursue with concentration. The themes reflect current best thinking on how urban school reform can become successful under today’s conditions of inequity.

A Program for Working Professionals

LEEP is committed to helping students complete a rigorous course of study in the context of their busy professional lives. Coursework lasts for 27 months, so that graduates have the opportunity to leave within three years with an Ed.D. degree. The program begins with an eight-week summer session, during which classes meet three full days per week. During fall and spring semesters, classes meet every other weekend (Fridays 4:30-9 pm; Saturdays 9 am-5:30 pm). Classes meet at the Berkeley campus or are field-based and web-facilitated.

Doctoral Studies at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is widely recognized for rigorous scholarship, intellectual depth, and critical thinking. The program is committed to these university-wide standards of excellence and first-rate performance. We execute these standards within a curriculum that is relevant to the world of practicing educational leaders. We measure rigor by the degree to which our students contribute with their dissertations to solving problems in their districts or organizations. Upon completion of their studies, LEEP students join the community of Berkeley alumni and are entitled to benefit from the University’s distinguished reputation and alumni network.


UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education faculty are knowledgeable instructors, groundbreaking researchers, and prolific authors. Many LEEP courses are jointly taught by Berkeley faculty and distinguished public school leaders steeped in directing public school systems.