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Diana Abbati

2012 Graduate

Diana Abbati was appointed Superintendent of the Los Gatos Union School District in July 1, 2011. Prior to being selected as the Superintendent of the Los Gatos Union School District, she held the following positions: Superintendent, Principal, Special Education Director, Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment Mentor, Teachers' Union President, and elementary and middle school classroom teacher. In addition, she served in multiple accounting and finance roles for companies throughout the Bay Area and have earned a B.A. from UCLA, M.B.A. from Golden Gate University, and M.A. in Educational Administration from San Francisco State University. She completed her doctoral dissertation at the University of California, Berkeley in Leadership in Educational Equity with a focus on curriculum differentiation in mathematics as a means of enhancing learning for all students. She is originally from Brooklyn, New York and lives in San Francisco with her husband.

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3531 Tolman Hall
(408) 596-1585