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Elizabeth Baham

2014 Graduate

Over the course of some 15 years I've been involved with Bay Area education at a variety of levels; initially as a middle school and high school mathematics teacher in San Francisco Unified School District, as an external evaluator working within the world of school reform, and presently as the Director of the Parent Involvement Project at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. My primary interest centers upon improving the educational context and outcomes for historically under-represented populations operating at the nexus of race and poverty. In LEEP, I focus my inquiry on the absorptive capacity of schools and teachers, operating within the reform context, to assimilate and utilize new external knowledge to improve academic outcomes for students.I am hopeful that an analysis of contemporary urban school reform initiatives and practices will serve as a critical lens into how schools can successfully scaffold reforms to better serve students.

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3531 Tolman Hall
(415) 420-8094